What is an admission management system and how it can benefit your institution?

Admission or enrollment of students in the specified course is the primary motive for any educational institute, whether it’s a school, college, university, or EdTech field. However, generating enough inquiries concerning the streams available is not an issue. Instead, converting these inquiries into admission is what is more challenging.

In addition to this, the increasing number of students seeking admission to any educational institute causes tremendous pressure on the administrative body. The administration faces difficulties in converting, managing, arranging, and processing this huge number of applications. Due to the increased number of applications, it is almost impossible to conduct and prosses all the data in an accurate and accountable manner.

Along with that manual approach is highly time-consuming and error-prone. But, with this technically advanced software, often referred to as a student admission management system, enrollments will be made hassle-free and the admission ratio will also boost up. Hence, the need for online admission management software is increasing day by day.

What is a student admission management system?

A student admission management system is a cloud-based application that helps the institute manage the student enrollment process effectively. It provides an interface to generate student inquiries, provide application forms, checks eligibility, collect documents, shortlist candidates, proceed with online fee payments, and hence complete the enrollment. It also enables users/ applicants to keep a check on their application updates.

Apart from this, the software delivers students with facilities like tracking their application journey, checking improvement areas, career counseling, and much more.

Advantages of an admission management system:

Capture Student Inquiries and Generate Reports

With technical advancements, the traditional approach of generating inquiries only through referrals and advertisements is left behind. Now, the leads are taken through social media, websites, offline channels, media, and much more. This provides an efficient database without any missed inquiries which makes it easier to convert simple inquiries into assured enrolments.

Track Student Journey

The admission management system provides an awesome feature of tracking journeys as soon as they inquire about admission. Then the software understands the student’s requirements of the applicant and coordinates to assist them. This makes an impact on the applicant and shows that the institute cares about them. The software also provides admission counselors to see application status, emails, student activities on the website, etc to customize the approach and engage with applicants in a personalized manner.

Student and Counselor Portal

Such software has inbuilt facilities to make the enrolment process not just easier but student-friendly at the same time. Here, the applicants can fill out the form according to their convenience, select a course, schedule entrance exams followed by interviews, have a virtual campus tour, and most importantly the software enables users to take career counseling to know their preferences, interests, and scope for the specific course. This helps the institute boost the admission ratio due to the personalized approach.

Automate Selection Process

As soon as the application process is completed the software checks for validation. If all the eligibility criteria are fulfilled the application is accepted followed by the generation of an email and student onboarding. If not, an email is sent followed by counseling for other favorable career options. The applicant is hence influenced by the facilities. Thus, through this automated selection process, the institute is enabled to hold and consider students enrolment in both conditions.

Environment Friendly

Since the software is cloud-based and device-oriented, most of the work is paperless: the forms, fee receipts, notices, emails, and much more make the administration work on digitalization. The usage of the software reduces paper dependency and hence is a boon for the environment.

Advance Analytics

The software provides an advanced analysis of student data making it easier for the marketing team to focus on interested students. The customized dashboard provides an interface with analyzed data received from different channels. This helps the marketing team to pitch the students using campaigns, counseling, admission teams, personalized calls by agents, etc which eventually boosts the enrollment ratio.

Final Words

With an increasing number of students seeking admission to different educational institutes, the educational sector is booming tremendously. This has increased the need for digitalization and computing techniques to lower the work pressure on the administration. Hence, with technological innovations like Student Admission Management Software, the process can be made convenient for both students as well institutes.

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